It’s unfortunate but true: technology tends to leave seniors behind. Older folks find it more difficult to adopt new technologies, and with the cell phone industry on the forefront of emerging tech, some seniors find them simply too difficult to use.

Do Grandma and Grandpa seem flabbergasted by the latest iPhone? Do they think an Android is the metal trashcan from “Lost In Space?” It’s time to take them under the arm and guide them into the modern age. The phones listed below should be enough to convince them that smartphone technology isn’t all that scary.

1. Google Pixel XL

Yes, the first phone in Google’s flagship range may have already received its last major Android software update, but as a way of getting older people acclimatized to the ways of true stock Android, the Google Pixel XL remains the best choice.

First of all, it’s not too expensive, and can be purchased for under $300, which is a great price considering the power onboard. It has a sizable 5.5″ display squeezing in 1440 x 2560 pixels, ensuring everything is nice and clear for faded eyes, and its 12.3 MP camera is sure to dazzle your old folks. UI elements like icons and font size can be increased for convenience.

The last Android software update the Pixel XL received was Android 9.0 Pie, which is still the latest Android version at the time of writing. That means that seniors will get all the bells and whistles of Android that anyone else would. Why does this matter? Because the stock Android UI is among the most user-friendly around, and will help familiarize older people not just with using this specific phone, but with the Android OS as a whole.

2. Jitterbug Smart2

The upgraded version of the Jitterbug Smart continues in the vein of its predecessor, with a sizable 5.5-inch 720p screen and big, bold interface elements making it easy to use for those whose fingers aren’t as graceful as they used to be. It’s not the fastest of phones, but the GreatCall UI is designed for accessibility rather than gaming, and in that it does its job very well.

There are various subscriptions you can get that add extra services such as nurse contact lines, the option for family members to track you by your phone’s locations, and more. The camera is pretty decent for a phone like this too, so your grandpa will be able to dabble in the joys of photography and maybe social sharing without pictures looking like they were processed through a 90s games console.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While this list features plenty of phones dedicated to those unfamiliar with phones, there’s no reason why the older generation shouldn’t own a regular powerful handset like the rest of us.

While splashing out on the latest Samsung flagship might be a bit much, the Galaxy Note 5 remains an excellent smartphone that can be picked up for around $200 – $300 these days. Crucially, it features a large, vibrant 5.7-inch screen and a stylus. (After all, everyone over the age of 60 is probably more comfortable with a pen than a touchscreen).