Software developers are sorcerers. Coding is an artistic and goal-oriented venture. Most importantly, there are some crucial problems which only software programmers can solve by using their skills and knowledge. Christmas is around the corner and purchasing gifts for developers can be a strenuous job because developers are recognized for their exceptional attention to detail as well as a perfect sense of everything. Their geeky quality makes it really browbeating to pick suitable gifts for them. Here are the top 10 gadgets for developers in 2019 that will be inevitable to amaze them.

1. MacBook Pro

Developers just enjoy gadgets and nothing surpasses Apple when it comes to gadgets. MacBook Pro is one of the best gadgets for programmers. Just like racers love speedy racing cars, developers love speedy laptops. MacBook Pro has seventh-generation Intel Core processors and it is an ideal gift for developers because this laptop is suitable for any daily tasks like launching apps and opening files to more advanced computing. They can even power through their day because of a high-speed SSDs and turbo boost processing up to 3.6GHz.

2. Binary Wrist Watch

A binary clock shows the time in the binary language. Machines are utilizing the binary method for everything they perform. It comprises only ones and zeros, but one can readily convert it into standard number mode. This is a perfect Christmas gift idea for developers because coders just love such geeky stuff. This is one perfect geek & nerd gift. It also saves energy because the LEDs only radiate if the side button is pressed. The synthetic wristband is flexible between 5.5 inches and 8.2 inches. The watch requires a CR2032 battery, which is combined and can comfortably be replaced.

3. Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

This is one of the coolest developer gadgets because of its plug & play property. It comprises of a miniature wireless transceiver which easily fits into any laptops/computers USB port. It uses minimum space. Software programmers know the importance of wireless gadgets. This mouse gives a level of comfort that can’t be touched with a wired mouse. This is an ideal gift for those developers who work from the bed or other unconventional spots, or remote places. The Jelly Comb 2.4G slim wireless mouse gives amazing convenience and freedom.

4. Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap, small card sized computer that rams into a laptop monitor or TV, and utilizes a conventional keyboard and mouse. It is a proficient little tool that allows developers to examine computing, and to discover how to code in Python. This is a dream gift for any developer because they always want to explore such geeky devices. It comes in various operating systems such as Ubuntu Mate, Arch Linux, Windows 10 IOT, Snappy Ubuntu Core, PINET, Raspbian, Pidora, OSMC, OpenElec, RISC OS and much more.